Jose Fonseca is a multi-talented artist from Brazil. Born in 1967, from an early age, already showed talent as passion for art, as his favourite pass-time was drawing, painting and making clay figurines. He studied arts in college and SENAC Academy. 

As an adult, in Brazil, his work was mostly carried out on walls and ceilings of commercial buildings.

Jose moved to Manchester, UK in 2004 in search of his British ancestors, there he

started working as a chef, as in UK no one knew him as an artist as yet.

In 2006 he once again bought paint brushes, paint and canvases, but this time for his seven years old son, but it was not his interest, then Jose felt compelled to give it a try and that was the moment when it all started again, as now he was painting on canvases and painting became his hobby and art is one of his real passion.

In 2013 J Fonseca moved to Margate UK, a lovely sea side town and well known as an artistic place. 



















Some pictures of his art work can been seen in the 'Art Work' section.








Pictures by J Fonseca. If any of his work appeals to you, please make sure to contact him. Many thanks.

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Cliftonville - Margate - Kent - UK


Mobile: 07515509486





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