If you have an interest in any of J Fonseca's art pieces, please contact him via e-mail or mobile phone, he will contact you back as soon as possible.


The most of his work are acrylic paint, clay (if using models) and other materials.


Cliftonville - Margate - Kent - UK


Mobile: +44 (0)7515509486





(Best to contact me via e-mail or facebook by adding me and messaging me for info)















Click on the pictures for a higher resolution.






Cascade 25cm X 32cm
Hug Me 30cm X 36cm
Night Time 100cm X 100cm
Three Friends 40cm X 110cm
Hell's Gate 65cm X 124cm
A Table for Two 120cm X 40cm
Refugees 76cm X 57cm
Circus 55cm X 78cm
Clown 40cm X 51cm
Fame 81cm X 100cm
Rainbow 30cm X 70cm
Paths 100cm X 126cm
Life is ... 100cm X 100cm
Chameleon 30cm X 40cm
Imagination 30cm X 40cm
Retro 40cm X 80cm
Peacock 30cm X 40cm
Rio's Favelas - Br 51cm X 76cm
Favelas in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Sun and Sunflower 100cm X 81cm
Bubbles 30cm X 40cm
Tortoise' Shell 81cm X 100cm
Black and White 100cm X 100cm
Venice Carnival 51cm X 76cm
Jhon Kennedy 90cm X 60cm
Four Canvases 66cm X 86cm
Butterflies 67cm X 92cm
Tanager Bird 40cm X 30cm
Sky View 179cm X 80cm
It's a floor work, for the exhibition/2016
Nude 66cm X 115cm
Bad Boy 12cm X 17cm
Strawberries in the Box 19cm X 16cm X 24cm
Nan I 10cm X 18cm
Monarcas Tree
J Fonseca Art

Pictures by J Fonseca. If any of his work appeals to you, please make sure to contact him. Many thanks.

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