In this section, you can see some of the Jose's art work that are no longer available to see in any exhibition as they are in other peoples collection.Jose's art pieces are unique, but if you have an interest in any of his art pieces, please contact him by phone or e-mail.




Cliftonville - Margate - Kent - UK


Mobile: 07515509486




(Best to contact me via e-mail or mobile call or message)













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Chameleon 30cm x 40cm
Tortoise' Shell 81cm x 100cm
Black and White 100cm x 100cm
Venice Carnival 51cm x 76cm
Four Canvases 66cm x 86cm
Nan I 10cm x 18cm
Monarcas Tree 250 cm
Blue Chair

Pictures by J Fonseca. If any of his work appeals to you, please make sure to contact him. Many thanks.

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