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Pictures by J Fonseca. If any of his work appeals to you, please make sure to contact him. Many thanks.

Page by Henrique Fonseca.




On the Home-News-Information, at first page from this website, on the Latest News you can see that the artist is working on his next solo exhibition, and he will make it something that worth to be seeing and enjoy, so he did not set up a date yet, but son the work is done in the way he wants it, the place will be published and the invitations will be send out.


The artist idea is to work with many materials as necessary to bring a lot to people to comment, think and talk about.


JFonseca will be at the event, and will be having some colaborations, the event will be having dancers, art to interact with, music and many more from JF creations.


If you want be part of the privite view party show, contact to save your place at the event opening day.








J Fonseca arts