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JFonseca was aproached for share his art work as a Vida's designer, Vida is an online shop, that sells scarfs, skirts, accent pillows, tops, wraps, bags, bottoms, pants, wallets and many others items.


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JFonseca, also is happy in add any other design from his web page, on any other item from the online shop.









JFonseca contacts:

Mobile: 07515509486

Cliftonville - Margate - Kent - UK






Orange scarf
Shell scarf
Three Friends scarf
Night Time scarf
Tanager scarf
JFonseca scarf
Blue scarf
Night Time accent pillow
Shell blouse
Sky View skirt
Shell skirt
Night Ttime skirt

Pictures by J Fonseca. If any of his work appeals to you, please make sure to contact him. Many thanks.

Page by H Fonseca.







J Fonseca art